A team of Chinese scientists has managed to fly a drone swarm of ten drones through a dense bamboo forest. To this end, each drone was equipped with stereo cameras and an onboard computer for processing data and communicating with other drones. The team believes that there are many applications for swarm technology.

Swarming behavior

A video of the experiment shows how the drones explore the forest together after takeoff. Each drone ensures that no obstacles are hit. But despite the individual control movements, there is clearly mutual coordination, resulting in a collective flight.

The drone swarm was realized by scientists at Zhejiang University in China. In a paper published in the scientific journal Science Robotics, they refer to films like Star Wars, Prometheus, and Blade Runner 2049 as inspiration for their work.

“Here we are taking a first step towards such a future,” said lead researcher Xin Zhou.


Source: dronexl.co