DJI’s latest micro drone, the new Mini 3 Pro, is a serious upgrade from the Mini 2. In fact it’s so good you might consider ditching your larger Air or Mavic series drone. Seriously.

Let’s take a look at the new and upgraded features in the new Mini 3 Pro and you’ll quickly see why.

Largest sensor

Compared to the Mini 2 and the Mavic Air 2, the new Mini 3 Pro has the largest sensor at 1/1.3″. In fact it’s almost 2x the size of the original Mavic Air 2 sensor. The larger sensor yields more Megapixels too. 48 of them so your photo resolution will be clear and sharp.

True Vertical Shooting

The beefy Mini 3 Pro sensor actually rotates to capture true vertical images and video. Can you say “TikTok”?  Because that’s likely part of the inspiration behind a camera that rotates to shoot in Portrait mode.

Autel’s EVO Nano and Nano+ drones use software cropping to obtain a portrait style image.

4K 60fps Video

Part of the reason the Mini 2 became so popular with…