The Mini 3 Pro is an entirely different beast from what we’ve seen previously from DJI, shelling the entry-level tag of its predecessors and offering a truly compelling option for all comers.

With the original Mavic Mini, released back in 2019, DJI produced an impressive video and photography drone that fell into the all-important sub-250g weight category required to bypass drone restrictions. To do so, though, the company removed some of the features found on its larger, heavier and more premium options.


With a lower-spec camera and fewer sensors, then, the first Mavic Mini was more of an entry-level drone – with an entry-level price point to match. The introduction of the Mini 2 saw the specs improve, but there were still a lot of omissions in order to meet the weight criteria. 

The third-gen model changes that, adding some of DJI’s most impressive features while also, crucially, remaining under 250g.

The amount of tech packed into this…