DJI Enterprise just released two versions of the V4 Firmware Update; one for the Matrice 300 RTK and another one for the Zenmuse L1 camera.

V4 firmware update for the M300 RTK

Here’s what the V4 firmware update brings to your Matrice 300 RTK drone:

Compatibility with the latest solutions:

  • DJI Pilot 2
  • DJI Flighthub 2
  • Zenmuse H20N

PinPoints and life annotations:

  • Adjust color, sort, show, and hide PinPoints
  • PinPoint size scales with distance to drone
  • Draw lines and polygons for distance and area

Waypoint markup language rollout

  • A new file format standard for Waypoints
  • Easy to open, read, edit, and share
  • Update KML files to new format with Pilot 2
V4 Firmware Update For Matrice 300 Rtk And Zenmuse L1

V4 firmware update for the Zenmuse L1

And for your Zenmuse L1, the V4 firmware update brings you the following improvements:

Terrain Follow optimization:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced flight times

Accuracy and calibration improvements:

  • Calibration enabled simultaneously during Terrain Follow
  • Calibration…