ForFocus Autel EVO Nano ND filters

If you’re anything like most new Autel Nano owners, you’re likely already searching for compatible accessories such as chargers, cases, spare batteries, or ND filters. In this review, we will have a closer look at the ForFocus Autel Nano filter kit.

Neutral-Density (ND) filters are optical glasses that are placed in front of the camera lens to obtain particular effects. The advantage of an ND filter is that it reduces the amount of light getting through the sensor of your camera. Fixed ND filters come in a range of densities in order to meet the needs of the photographer and the conditions they might be shooting in. In addition to using ND filters for daytime water photography, they can also be used to take better urban night shots.


To cover all light conditions, ForFocus’ neutral density filter kit comes with six filters of different ND values. Below there is an ‘ND filter chart’ that gives you recommendations of usage.

Main features

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