autonomous eVTOL flightEmbraer and Eve Evaluate Autonomous eVTOL Flight Technologies

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Aerospace company Embraer recently finished conducting a series of experimental flight operations with its new autonomous system technologies, designed to enable safe autonomous operations in urban environments. The flights were carried out in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in order to observe how the new technologies performed under real flight conditions.

autonomous eVTOL flightWorking with its subsidiary Eve UAM, LLC, as well as partners Daedalean, Iris Automation and Near Earth Autonomy, Embraer examined various scenarios for take-off, climb, cruise, approach and landing flight phases. Traditional piloted helicopters from Eve partner Helisul Aviação were deployed to collect data and evaluate the technologies in real-time as part of the Embraer Autonomous Systems project (“Project EASy”).

Starting with Crewed Operation: Moving Towards Autonomous eVTOL Flight

“This project allowed us to…