You know we’re getting close to a DJI product launch when new videos and photos start leaking like crazy. And today is no different, as Jasper Ellens once again shares a new DJI Mini 3 Pro video on Twitter.

While we have no information on the time and location of this DJI Mini 3 Pro video recording, it is clear that it took place right after unboxing the DJI mini drone, as some of the protective stickers are still attached.

After starting up the DJI mini drone, the person who recorded the video also fires up the new DJI remote controller. Again, it is noticeable that the control sticks haven’t even been installed yet, further suggesting that this video was recorded immediately after receiving the DJI Mini 3 Pro drone.

This Mini 3 Pro Video Shows The Dji Mini Drone And Remote Controller Starting Up

The new DJI remote controller that is available for the DJI Mini 3 Pro, comes with a built-in display so that you no longer need to use your smartphone in order to fly the DJI mini drone.

Unfortunately, we do not yet have information on the…