There’s precious little we don’t know about the upcoming DJI Mini 3 Pro, thanks to careless retailers publishing their listings online without waiting for the drone’s official launch announcement. But while those fleeting product pages gave away pretty much all the major features and capabilities of the sub-250 gram drone, a piece of the puzzle was still missing: DJI Mini 3 spec sheet.

That changes today with notable leaker Jasper Ellens, who seemingly got his hands on the product specification sheet of the DJI Mini 3 Pro drone. Let’s dive right in!

DJI Mini 3 Pro drone leaked specs


Maximum speed 16 m/s (S mode) – 10 m/s (N Mode) – 6 m/s (C Mode)

Maximum flying height 4000 meters

Maximum flight time 34 minutes (standard battery)

Maximum flight distance 18 km

Maximum wind resistance 29 to 38 km/h (level 5)

Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Bluetooth 5.2

Operating temperature 0 to 40°C

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)