There’s new a drone on the battlefield. Only six months old, video of it in action is still secret. Unlike armed drones that carry weapons under the wings, launching them and returning to base, the Switchblade “kamikaze” drone carries its own warhead, and blows itself up – taking out tanks, armored vehicles and artillery nests with it. 

“It’s a one-and-done drone,” said Wahid Nawabi, who runs Aerovironment, which makes the Switchblade at a secure location he’s asked us not to reveal.

The Switchblade 600 tactical missile system contains high-precision optics and an anti-armor warhead for use against non-line-of-sight targets, such as tanks, artillery, and armored vehicles. 


So far 700 Switchblades – both large and small — are being sent to Ukraine to be used against the Russians. “We understand what the people in Ukraine are doing. This is our part…