The DJI Terra development team has been busy this year, continuing the streak of software updates for the all-in-one drone mapping solution. In the latest release (v3.4.0), the team has decided to upgrade Terra’s reconstruction algorithms that are based on the NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing platform.

It is DJI Terra’s third update this year, with the first taking place in January and the second in March. As with other updates, this one also comes with considerable functionality improvements – and a rider that the driver version of the NVIDIA graphics card on the computer must be upgraded to version 452.39 and above. You can check and upgrade your GPU driver version using this step-by-step guide. But first, let’s see all that’s new in DJI Terra version 3.4.0.

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DJI Terra update: New features, optimizations, fixes

What’s new?

  • Block splitting in 3D reconstruction now…