Caddx Air Unit Micro

About four months ago, I purchased a Caddx Air Unit Micro kit with the intention to review it. Usually, when I get a new product on my test bench it takes no more than two weeks to publish my evaluation. In the case of this HD digital system, the time was much longer because first I had to build a drone on which I could install it.

DJI’s HD digital FPV system was announced in 2020 and consists of four main parts: Camera, digital VTX, FPV Goggles, and the optional DJI FPV radio controller. While DJI is the only brand that has the right of producing compatible FPV Goggles and Transmitters, compatible VTXs and cameras are from various brands. The Air Unit digital VTX is sold under DJI and Caddx brand names as well. CaddxFPV has another more compact digital FPV transmitter, the Caddx Vista which was reviewed last year here on In addition to DJI, there are other three brands that are licensed to manufacture compatible digital FPV cameras….