Hawkeye Firefly X LITE II

In response to GoPro’s Bones camera, Hawkeye has released the second generation of their popular Firefly X Lite camera. Now, the Hawkeye Firefly X LITE II features 4K@60fps recording in half of its contender’s weight. Both drone cameras feature a ‘Naked’ design with no LCD and battery.

The Firefly X LITE 2 camera measures 61*38*26mm and weighs just 34 grams. It comes with a removable lens hood. It can be also equipped with neutral density (ND) filters. You can opt for powering it via the USB Type-C port or from 5V via a 2pin DC port. The camera can be remotely configured wirelessly (WIFI) through a dedicated mobile APP.

Hawkeye opted for an H22S85 Ambarella imaging processor and a 12MP IMX577 SONY CMOS image sensor. The F2.8 lens provides a 150° field of view.

Tehnical specifications

Max micro SD card 512GB
Size 61*38*26mm
Weight                      34grams
Image sensor 12MP Sony IMX577


Source: www.firstquadcopter.com