U.S. Startups are Donating Drones to Ukraine – According to a Wall Street Journal report, over half a dozen American drone startups have sold or donated equipment to Ukraine in recent weeks. Reporters confirmed that Skydio and Brinc Drones, two American companies that manufacture unmanned aerial vehicles have donated or sold dozens of drones to Ukraine in recent weeks. 

The companies reportedly began assisting Ukraine after officials from the country expressed concerns that DJI, a Chinese drone maker that supplied equipment to Ukraine, was purposely creating “technical glitches” that hurt Ukrainian troops’ ability to fight back against Russia. 

DJI responded to accusations that it was tampering with drones used by the Ukrainian military and facilitating the deaths of Ukrainian civilians by allowing Russian troops to also use their equipment. The Chinese firm insisted that all DJI products are designed for civilian use and “do not meet military specificationsMore…

Source: www.19fortyfive.com