Florida Power and Light and Percepto, Percepto BVLOS flight autonomous drone inspections at US refineryAt the keynote address this morning in Orlando, Florida Power and Light and Percepto, the Israeli-based autonomous drone platform, took the stage to talk about the work that they are doing in Florida.

Florida Power and Light and Percepto are a partnership that is breaking new ground in the use of autonomous drone technology in the power industry.  FPL uses Percepto’s drones for disaster recovery, line maintenance, and more.  This morning, Eric Schwartz from FPL, manager of the FPL Flight division, joined Percepto Chief Commercial Officer Ariel Avitan to talk about how they do it and what comes next.

Percepto is now the most deployed drone-in-a-box, fully automated solution in the world: and Avitan says that Percepto’s products represent the practical side of concepts in automation.

“Dronifying” Florida

Florida is making big strides in bringing automation technology to the state, and both the FAA and the state have supported FPL with the appropriate…


Source: dronelife.com