Following Elbit System’s announcement of a successful demonstration of the Skylark 3 Hybrid to the RAF earlier this month, Northwest UAV has revealed its NW-44 Multi-Fuel Engine powered the vehicle alongside an electric motor.

The Skylark 3 Hybrid Small Tactical UAV has tripled in endurance, offering up to 18h of operations, without altering the size or weight of the aircraft.

The system utilises the NW-44 to rapidly reach the altitude at which point it may switch to the electric motor for sustained flight, making the UAS highly energy-efficient without sacrificing crucial capabilities.

Purpose-built to be a complete turn-key engine system solution, the NW-44 is a lightweight, multi-fuel UAV engine, with over 28,000 operational hours logged, suitable for a variety of Tier II UAVs (40-75lbs).

The Skylark 3 Hybrid UAS features a 15.4ft wingspan, an MTOW of 110lbs, a service ceiling of 12,000ft, and a range of 74.5mi.