(Pocket-lint) – With drones becoming more popular over the past few years – as the consumer drone market exploded – more and more people took to these easy-to-fly smart quadcopters to film their outdoor exploits. For the first time it enabled pretty much anyone to get stunning aerial footage, because you know longer had to hire a helicopter and camera crew to do it. 

But with the rise of these affordable and portable machines came the necessity for regulation that applies to pretty much any drone that isn’t a toy. So what are those rules and regulations? Do you even know if you need to register or get a permit? 

In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about drones, including what they are and what you can legally do with them in your area – whether you live in the UK or the US.

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What are recreational drones?

  • Drones are also called UAS or quadcopters
  • Recreational drones are for fun, not work
  • Recreational…


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