DJI’s top-shelf enterprise drone, the M300 RTK, is built for the not-so-average job site that requires greater flight time, more payloads, and enhanced protection against collisions. And such job sites must be many because Hextronics, a manufacturer of drone docking stations, says it has been witnessing an increasing demand for a solution that’s tailored for the DJI M300 RTK and can support high endurance and operations in extreme weather conditions.

The Miami-based company is now ready to showcase the Atlas 300, a new offering that has been optimized with early-user feedback. The Hextronics Atlas 300 is a rugged docking station built with an advanced battery swapping mechanism:

  • Houses eight unaltered batteries with a lifespan of 2000+ cycles
  • Is air conditioned, weatherproof, and climate controlled, allowing operations in extreme environments
  • Has a downtime of less than four minutes
  • Can passively fold the rotors to support a compact design
  • Can accommodate a…