DJI’s Mini 3 announcement is on the horizon, and leaks have been piling up, giving us an idea of what the Mini 3 specs will be. Here is a round-up of everything we know about DJI’s Mini 3 or possible Mini 3 Pro drone.

Mini 3 Release date

First rumored at the end of 2021 in a leaked timeline of DJI’s product announcements for 2022, the Mini 3 was set in April. So far, we haven’t heard anything official from DJI regarding an announcement, but we usually only get a one-week heads up with a teaser, then a stream schedule a couple of days beforehand. According to DealsDrone, the launch date could be April 27 or April 28, squeezing right in to meet the rumored timeline.

Consumer products are usually available for order soon after the announcement. So, if the rumors are true, expect to be able to order your new sub-250 gram drone by the end of this month.

Updated Mavic 3-like design

One of the most significant changes coming to the Mini 3 will be its…