In early 2018, Anesu Mapisa walked out of the gates of Zimbabwe’s Midlands State University armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in agronomy and a vision.

His peers began looking for employment in the agricultural sector, one of the best paying in Zimbabwe, but Mapisa’s mind was elsewhere; he wanted to innovate and transform the lives of farmers.

Instead of knocking on the doors for a dream job, Mapisa talked to a classmate and friend, Emmanuel Marume, about the idea of partnering as entrepreneurs. Marume bought into the idea and, in 2018, they registered their company, Farm Buzz. 

“Even though we did not have the capital to plunge into business, this was a dream come true; first, we needed to figure out how to help the farmers increase their yields,” Mapisa said.

For Mapisa, the decision to focus on helping farmers increase their yields was informed by personal experiences. “I was raised on a farm in Macheke, so my parents were farming at a low level, and…