Beluga mini droneItaly’s EuroLink will  launch Beluga Mini-Drone at Xponential 2022.

EuroLink Systems has decades of industry experience and strong customer following: and at next week’s Xponential 2022 in Orlando, the company will launch the Beluga mini drone, a dual-use aircraft ready to deploy anywhere from the desert to the arctic.

Loaded with options, the Beluga mini drone is highly adaptable to a wide variety of missions: from military or public safety applications like short-range reconnaissance, search & rescue, or security applications to commercial use in 3-D terrain mapping, critical delivery, or urban logistics support.

EuroLink says the drone combines art with science – and offers unparalleled ease of use.  “Beluga users indicate that it ramps-up 100% faster with less complexity and delivers an ROI that can be realized within the first 3-to-6 months of operational use,” says Pietro Lapiana, EuroLink CEO.

“We’ve also worked hard to address the…