drones for water management

Black Swift Technologies’ S2 UAS ready for take off in support of soil moisture mapping

Black Swift Technologies Delivers First-Of-Its-Kind UAS-Plus-Soil Moisture Sensor to Commercial Market: sophisticated drones for water management

On April 4th, Boulder, Colorado-based Black Swift Technologies (BST) initiated the commercial launch of an uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) equipped with a novel soil moisture sensor that will change the game for water management in agriculture and emergency response.

BST, a specialized engineering firm, is best known for developing resilient UAS designed for beyond-visual-line-of-sight flights in extreme environments, including on the side of volcanoes, over wildland fires and into hurricanes. The company’s UAS have flown on all seven continents, including the Arctic.

Its newest soil moisture mapping package consists of its fixed wing S2™ small UAS outfitted with a unique sensor payload, avionics and a radiometer. The design…


Source: dronelife.com