This week we saw more rumors of the upcoming Mini 3 drone and, finally, a response from DJI over the Mavic 3 GPS issues. We also got a look at Autel’s Dynamic Tracking on the Lite+. Catch up on the top drone news below.

First leaked video of DJI’s upcoming Mini 3

Videos leaked show a fully assembled Mini 3 post a possible crash. In addition, the video showed off new features we have been seeing rumors of, like obstacle avoidance and a new design allowing for vertical recording. Reportedly the serial number of the drone has been active since the beginning of March, meaning DJI has been testing the Mini 3 for quite some time now.

This drone looks like a test unit and could have experienced a nasty crash, leaving one of the points the camera gimbal attaches to the aircraft broken. Hopefully, now that we know DJI is making and testing the Mini 3, a release date is right around the corner.

DJI responds to continued Mavic 3 GPS issues

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