April is here and already going by quickly. All rumors have pointed to DJI announcing its newest sub-250 drone this month. Notable leaker DealsDrone has stated that DJI’s Mini 3 release date could be April 28.

According to DealsDrone, DJI is planning training of its employees for April 20. The new product in question is guessed to be the Mini 3, which was rumored to release in April late last year by DealsDrone as well. If true, the training will last into the following week when we believe DJI will announce the product.

If the rumors are true, the Mini 3 will release just in time for the peak of drone flying season. It is expected for the Mini 3 to be one of the most anticipated drone releases of 2022, based on how well received the Mini 2 was.


Source: dronedj.com