According to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) report, an Amazon delivery drone sparked an acres-wide fire last summer when it crashed in eastern Oregon during a test flight.

During a test flight in June, the Amazon drone’s motors failed, causing it to plummet 160 feet to the ground, says the FAA report.

The document claims that a video referenced in the study shows the Amazon delivery drone “tumbling in uncontrolled free fall until it impacted the ground.”

The drone caught fire after coming in contact with the ground. An “intense lithium battery fire quickly consumed the aircraft,” and “several acres of wheat stubble field were soon on fire,” the report said.

The document removed Amazon’s name but referred to the MK27 drone, the make, and model of Amazon’s experimental Prime Air delivery drone.

In a May document from the Federal Aviation Administration, Amazon is not redacted when describing a second MK27 drone accident. The Amazon…