Last week Autel released new firmware for its Nano and Lite series drones. One of the most anticipated features was Dynamic Tracking on the Lite+, but some pilots are experiencing issues with it, and so are we.

First flight thoughts on the Lite+

Before we talk about the buggy tracking feature, here are our first thoughts on flying the Lite+ now that the weather has improved in our part of the world.

Overall, flying Autel’s new drone was quite enjoyable. Smooth and easy to control, the quick shots make for an easy way to create cinematic drone shots. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to fly it too much yet, but we will be doing more flights, tests, and comparisons soon.

Autel Dynamic Tracking might not be completly ready for use

The biggest item added to the Lite+’s new firmware, v1.2.16, was Dynamic Tracking. The feature is limited to just people, which gives it a strike against it compared to Skydio or DJI, but it’s an excellent start for the…