Drone Industry Insights (DRONEII) has been the leading source for independent drone market intelligence since 2015.  At Amsterdam Drone Week, DRONELIFE caught up with co-founder Kay Wackwitz to discuss 3 observations he’s made about the 2022 drone industry.

Investments are Up – By a Lot

2022 drone industry

As the DRONEII infographic above shows, almost $7 billion went into drone and passenger drone industry by 2020. That trend continues in the 2022 drone industry – the investment appetite is so strong that DRONEII has started a matchmaking service between drone companies and investors to meet the demand.

Wackwitz says that there are several reasons why investment has continued to grow.  “People saw an opportunity in the pandemic,” says Wackwitz.   “The concept of remote work quickly became a reality: we got transformed by something bigger than the plans of a CEO, and we had to adapt to keep working.  Investors see an opportunity to capitalize on this.”



Source: dronelife.com