The last year has been pretty good for drone pilots of all levels. Whether you are an entry-level flyer or a professional looking for the best thing money can buy, something new probably came out that popped your attention. Autel‘s entry into the consumer market made maybe one of the more significant impacts on the industry, and for that, they received the “Best of the Best” distinction at this year’s Red Dot Design Awards.

Autel’s Nano and Nano+ pushed the consumer market

Before, if you wanted a sub-250 gram drone, you either had to choose the DJI Mini, a great drone, or find a cheap one off Amazon. It was safe to say that DJI had the market cornered for some time. Autel’s Nano series can change that.

Packing in a fantastic camera and obstacle avoidance into a small drone is impressive. We expect a response from DJI soon with its Mini 3, maybe sometime this month, but Autel’s first consumer-focused drone brings some good competition for now.