security and counterdrone

image: Cambodia, PI (CC 2.0)

At Amsterdam Drone Week today, Commercial UAV Expo sponsored a panel of experts from all over Europe to discuss security and counterdrone strategies.  From INTERPOL to drone incident reporting systems DroneALERT, experts talked about the importance of security in drone integration. The City of Amsterdam gave us an inside look at how they approach the problem of unauthorized drone activity.

Brooke Tapsall of DroneAlert points out that cUAS is not just shooting drones down, or what happens during a drone incursion.  Rather, it’s an interoperable system of regulation, technology, and multiple stakeholders.

DroneAlert records countless drone incursions: from criminal intent drone use to uneducated operators using drones in the wrong places.  The locations where you need cUAS protection, however, can be placed in broad categories: urban environments, critical infrastructure assets, events, emergency locations, and cross-border…