ICOR and BRINCICOR and BRINC Partner on Air/Ground Robot Integration for First Responders

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Tactical and security robotics company ICOR Technology has formed an integration partnership with public safety specialist BRINC Drones in order to improve air and ground robotics for public safety operators worldwide.

An industry leader with decades of experience in the field of tactical and explosive disposal robotics, ICOR has saved untold lives with its CALIBER line of terrestrial robots. In conjunction with BRINC Drones’ cutting edge technology, the two companies are working toward their shared goal of saving lives and crafting solutions to aid first responders during dangerous missions.

The partners will work together on different mounting brackets that will enable joint end users to more easily deploy the LEMUR S from the CALIBER line of robots. With their shared customer-focused approach, ICOR and BRINC will carry out joint demonstrations and…


Source: dronelife.com