As the MBTA restored Orange Line service on Tuesday, following a partial collapse at the former Government Center Garage three days earlier that killed one worker, the agency also released drone video from inside the subway tunnels that offers a view commuters rarely get to see.

The silent 29-second video posted to the MBTA’s Instagram account is timestamped 3:45 p.m. Sunday and shows Orange Line subway tracks in the foreground and two platforms in the distance, as the drone moves slowly through the darkened tunnel.

Only a small area in front of the camera is lit as the drone follows the tracks, pauses briefly to scan to the right, and then continues on toward the platforms. No damage is visible in the brief video.

The MBTA partnered with the Aeronautics Division of the state Department of Transportation to send a drone into Orange Line and Green Line tunnels to scan them following the collapse on Saturday, the agency said in the posting.

“This allowed us to safely assess tunnel…