With a press statement, DJI responds to the allegations of its role in the Ukraine-Russia war after MediaMarkt decided to ban the sales of all DJI products last weekend.

DJI has released a statement to clarify that its retail partner was compelled to remove all DJI products from its shelves for security reasons following an increase in internet assaults.

DJI responds with a press statement

You can find the entire text of DJI’s statement below.

DJI Statement On Recent Allegations

We are aware that on 24 and 25 March social media accounts of our business partners were subject to what appeared to be a coordinated campaign making false allegations against DJI via thousands of spam messages containing the same content. We take this development very seriously.

As a matter of precaution, one of our partners suspended all sales of DJI products while evaluating the situation in close cooperation with DJI.

The allegations made against us are not based on facts and are utterly…


Source: dronexl.co