• To be a hub for drone racing, high-performance drone activities
  • Based near Kuantan, it will be opened to public before year-end

Officials at the launch of AKSADRONFuturise Sdn Bhd (Futurise) has officially announced the launch of the National Academy for Drone Sports Excellence (AKSADRON), located in Kuantan, Pahang.

In a statement, the company claimed AKSADRON is the country’s first drone sports zone and is set to be a hub for drone racing and high-performance drone activities.

It said AKSADRON will feature a drone racing track and will play host to internationally sanctioned drone sports events.

The academy will also pioneer unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) development programmes to cultivate a vibrant pool of Malaysian talents for this emergent industry, it said.

“With AKSADRON, we will see greater cultivation of our Malaysian talent to meet the demands of the growing drone industry in the nation and across the globe,“ said Indera Mohd Shahar Abdullah, deputy finance minister (I).

“We are delighted…


Source: www.digitalnewsasia.com