Ok – stop what you’re doing and watch this FPV Drone Video now. The aerial footage combined with sound puts you right inside the stadium with the supporters and fans of Polish soccer club Lech Poznań.

The FPV drone video was created in celebration of the Lech Poznań celebrating its hundredth birthday.

On Youtube, the FPV drone pilot and maker of the video, Marcin Kantor said:

“This is how Lech Poznań celebrated its hundredth birthday. We show you a beautiful setting and cheering fans with the eye of a FPV drone – this has not been done in Poland yet!”

I have seen my fair share of FPV drone videos, and I don’t recall ever seeing an FPV drone video quite like this.

What sets this video apart is the recording of the actual sound in the stadium, but without the whine of the drone itself. Check out this section where you can hear one support yell at the drone and clap his hands.

Not too long ago we saw this video of a DJI drone flying inside the…


Source: dronexl.co