INVOLI Launches Remote ID Drone Tracker

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Air traffic solution provider INVOLI has released the LEMAN RemoteID, an innovative drone tracker created to meet the newest CE/FCC regulations.  See the Remote ID Drone Tracker at work:

Made to be simple to use for all drone operators, the LEMAN RemoteID operates independent of the drone’s battery and begins transmitting its position after being powered on over both Wi-fi and 4G networks. The compact, lightweight tracker is rain resistant, and boasts an autonomy of 4 hours and 30 min with a refresh rate every second.

In an effort to make it more simple to carry out drone operations in compliance with always-changing regulations, the INVOLI team keeps track of and adapts its products to the evolving legislation. The LEMAN RemoteID was designed to follow the ASTM Remote ID Standard F3411-19, complying with the FAA Rule on Remote…