It seems that camera maker Canon has plans to enter the drone market. The company has applied for a patent for a gimbal system for small drones.

The question is, however, whether Canon focuses on consumer applications with the patent: the gimbal module looks more like a security camera than a regular three-axis gimbal system.

Canon Patents Gimbal System For Small Drones

Reduced version for small drones

The patent application was reported by CanonRumors. According to that website, the patent appears to build on an earlier patent application by Canon. At the time, it was a camera system for a $ 20,000 drone for the security sector, marketed in 2017 by Prodrone. According to the new patent, the camera system should be a lot smaller. The patent application even specifically mentions miniaturization.

As can be seen from images in the patent application, the construction of the gimbal system resembles that of a movable security camera. By rotating and tilting the camera, the entire environment can be viewed…