Alongside announcing the DJI Matrice 30, the company also announced its RC Plus enterprise controller. Find out below which drones are compatible with the RC Plus.

What is the RC Plus controller?

DJI’s new RC Plus first leaked in an FCC filing in February, giving us the first look at what the drone leader will offer its enterprise users. The controller features a seven-inch screen, six quick access function buttons, and a combo internal plus hot-swappable battery.

The RC Plus is designed to work in the most extreme environments. Offering an IP54 rating, the controller can be used in the rain or snow and extreme cold and heat. The features of the RC Plus don’t stop there. It also has a wide range of ports available to the pilot: microSD card, USB, HDMI, and USB-C. The RC Plus also supports 4G connectivity.

Which drones work with the RC Plus?

Right now, only DJI enterprise drones are compatible with the new RC Plus controller; however, that…