This coming Monday, March 21st, at 9 am EDT, DJI Enterprise will reveal a new product ‘For Everyday Heroes.’

The announcement was made on the DJI Enterprise Twitter account and is accompanied by a mysterious photo.

Let’s take a closer look at the photo that can be seen in its full glory here and see what we can make out.

The photo shows seems to show an opening of a box or garage of some sort. In the background, we see a starry night sky and light (from the moon?) peaking through.

In the immediate foreground, we can see the top of what must be the new DJI Enterprise product. The surface is somewhat rounded and features what some folks on social media have described as an LED light?

LED lights in the Drone Industry are typically used to indicate battery status, the orientation of a drone, and for flying at night…

Where can you watch the DJI Enterprise event?

The DJI Enterprise New Product Launch Event will take place online and can be watched on the…