DJI has launched a new accessory for its flagship Action 2 camera: a magnetic protective case that helps to save the camera unit from impacts, scratches, and abrasions.

If you’ve already bought and activated a DJI Action 2, you can claim a free protective case for your camera from your retailer. And if you’re planning to buy the Action 2, you can either hold off the purchase until April 1 to get a free magnetic protective case directly in the box. Or you can save $50 on the DJI Action 2 Power Combo and $80 on the Dual-Screen Combo right now and get a coupon from DJI to claim the free accessory at a later date.

DJI Action 2 magnetic protective case

The new magnetic protective case accessory for Action 2 camera is compatible with both the Power Module and Front Touchscreen Module of the Dual-Screen Combo. And it has multiple uses.

The Action 2 case is made from heat-resistant polymer. So, in addition to protecting the camera from impact, it makes the…