In a tweet today, OsitaLV shared drawings of a new DJI Patent showing a DJI remote controller with foldable sticks.

The DJI patent drawings show two different options. One has the sticks folding away downwards into the remote controller. The other option is to push the sticks inwards into the device.

Control sticks on a remote controller tend to get stuck when you try to pack the device into a backpack or camera bag. Oftentimes, they latch onto cables, zippers, and the like.

The sticks do ‘stick’ out about an inch or so giving the remote controller a less than optimal shape for packing and traveling.

A couple of years ago DJI introduced sticks that you can unscrew and remove from the remote controller to make the device easier to pack.

While this was a step in the right direction, it also meant that it was easy for the sticks to get lost. To overcome this DJI provided additional sticks with all of its latest drone models.

The DJI patent drawings show what…