For the reliable and safe operation of your drones, it is very important to handle the drone batteries that supply the devices with energy with care. This also allows you to extend the life of your batteries.

In this article from Skytools, you will find 10 tips in the field of battery management and you can read what you should pay attention to during a battery test.

Following a recent case of ‘inflated drone batteries’, Skytools has drawn up a list of points that must be observed in order to guarantee the longest possible life for your batteries. It turns out: 99 percent of the cases where batteries fail or swell can be traced to heat problems or the storage of drone batteries that are still fully charged.

The advice applies to the drone batteries of all DJI devices. Based on the recommendations below, you can benefit from the longest possible life for your DJI drone batteries.

  1. During the first 10 flights of a new battery, it must not fall below a residual…