How does DJI Aeroscope work and how does it detect you and your DJI drone? If you have wondered about this then you should probably watch the video below in which Greg Reverdiau from the Pilot Institute talks to Brandon from Arial Armor about DJI’s drone detection system.

In the video below, Greg and Brandon show how a DJI Air 2S and a DJI FPV Drone are being detected by DJI’s Aeroscope.

From the description:

“In this video, we’ll give you an insider’s view of drone detections. Join Greg and Brandon as they discuss the hardware, software, and UI of Aerial Armor’s Aeroscope drone detection system. This system closely replicates what Remote ID may come to look like when it’s released in 2023. If you ever wonder: can my drone be tracked or detected, you will find out. Remember, don’t shoot the messenger.”

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:01 What is the purpose of this technology
  • 03:56 What does this software do?
  • 05:39 Live Flight
  • 07:25 Is this a Remote ID…