A Ukrainian volunteer drone force consisting of civilians is helping to defend their country against the Russian invaders using DJI drones that become eyes in the sky.

These ordinary citizens and recreational drone pilots are providing crucial information on the Russian tanks’ and troops’ movements to the Ukrainian military.

Fox News spoke to the Ukrainian business owner and DJI dealer Taras Troiak.

Here’s a quick transcript of the short video interview.

Fox: First off great job that you’re doing this. How is the coordination working between what you get and what military headquarters can use?

Taras: The coordination works like this, so we use a drone to detect the GPS points of Russian troops, and then we have a chat board. It is a government chat board where we sent this information together with these pictures and after this, the government decides what to do with these troops. So they can use a bomb or some Ukrainian troops to destroy it very fast….


Source: dronexl.co