I (and the drone community) need your help… If you’re NOT in Oregon, please read and take action anyway.

Oregon is looking at possibly changing rules to fly drones in their State Parks. A local group is currently pushing hard is to PROHIBIT drones everywhere except for a few places.

This is the opposite of the current (and reasonable) approach, which is to ALLOW drones everywhere except for certain areas.

Drone users are currently outnumbered by anti-drone folks and we need your help to keep the rules as proposed.

Call to Action for the drone community!

Please email Oregon Parks and Rec at OPRD.publiccomment@oprd.oregon.gov and let them know that the current language of letting drones fly everywhere except where identified is a reasonable and acceptable compromise.

If you’re not in Oregon, please comment too, this could become a template for other state parks nationwide. We don’t need this precedent.

Here’s a link to the group that’s trying to…


Source: dronexl.co