Today, on Twitter the DJI Mini 3 specs were leaked by a long-term source of DJI Rumors and information.

In the tweet, he shows a graphic that is basically an outline of the ‘photoshopped’ image we have seen earlier.

To the left, it shows the new DJI remote controller with a built-in display. On the right, we see the actual DJI Mini 3.

The DJI rumor source claims that the DJI Mini 3 is real. And, he offers the following ‘guessed’ specs.

We believe that these guessed DJI Mini 3 specs are likely to be very accurate.

The ‘guessed’ DJI Mini 3 specs

The DJI Mini 3 comes with O3 video transmission. This yet-to-be-released DJI mini-drone will have two forward-facing sensors to avoid obstacles, but it will also have two backward-facing sensors, offering near 360-degree obstacle avoidance.

The long-time DJI leaker also tells us that:

DJI Mini 3 Spec Guess. 1/1.3″ CMOS, F1.7 large aperture

The gimbal is tilted at a large angle, and you can shoot…