In this content we are going to focus on aerial models, which we could again classify into two types according to the type of wing:

  • fixed wing. As their name suggests, they are those equipped with fixed wings. Models that normally need some kind of help or runway to land and take off, since they are not capable of doing it on their own. Aesthetically, they are the closest thing to a normal plane and their excellent aerodynamics means that they can often offer great flight autonomy. They are frequently used professionally in topography, agriculture or to map large areas.
  • rotary wing. They are perhaps the most popular. Models that have propellers at the ends of each arm and that are driven by motors. These types can hover over a site and hover over that area, something fixed-wings don’t offer.

Rotary-wing or multi-rotor aerial drones

Within the rotary wing drones, we can still make a new classification based on the number of arms they have. In this way, we find the…