In a recent enforcement effort, the Connecticut State Police (CSP) used drones to catch truckers suspected of transporting “harmful devices and materials.”

The use of drones came as part of a Collaborative Operation By Response Agencies (COBRA) highway strategic deployment at a weighing station located at the New York-Connecticut State line on I-95.

The joint operation on February 20 saw officials from several state and federal agencies come together to study the efficacy of drones in identifying trucks attempting to evade inspection. These included the Transportation Security Administration, Connecticut Fusion Center, CSP, Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles, National Guard Civil Support Team, and the Department of Homeland Security Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Team.

According to a statement issued by the CSP:

Troopers successfully used the CSP drone to observe trucks evading the weigh station and attempting to divert at the NY-CT state…