The Holy Stone brand is far from a household name, but you may have encountered the moniker if you’ve ever shopped for a low-cost drone online. The company’s HS360 quadcopter is one of its more compelling entries, at least in theory, with a 2.5K camera in a small, folding design for $269. Unfortunately, the HS360 wobbles in flight, records pixelated video and stills, and reports unreliable battery levels. In addition, its safety options are questionable at best, making the HS360 a drone to avoid.

A Lightweight, Folding Design

The HS360 takes its design cues from the folding drones that precede it. The aircraft is small enough at 2.2 by 3.5 by 5.6 inches (HWD) to rest in your hand when closed down for storage and transport. Its four propeller struts are hinged, and swing away from the drone’s body to prepare for flight. The nose-mounted camera is stabilized by both a two-axis gimbal and digital methods.

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