Three Finnish friends got into action after having learned that the Ukraine Defense Forces were in need of drones. They are now on their way to deliver 140 DJI Mini drones to the Ukrainian military to help in the fight against Russia.

The trio raised more than $57,000 and used the funds to get their hands on 140 DJI Mini drones. They packed the sub-250-gram drones into backpacks and suitcases, and are on their way to Poland to deliver the reconnaissance UAS to the Ukrainian military and defense forces.

“140 drones landed with us to Poland, now on its way to Ukrainian military to help with reconnaissance upon their urgent request,” said one of the Finnish friends, Henri Lindroos on Instagram. “52 000 euros worth of equipment ready to be sent to the frontlines of an independent nation that is fighting for its existence.”

Together the friends worked hard to raise the necessary funds and they worked through the night to charge and pack the DJI Mini drones.