As a show of solidarity with the Ukrainians, a Polish drone pilot and his companion decided to light up the Belarusian Embassy in Poland with the Ukrainian flag.

The aerial video of the spectacle was widely shared on social media.

From the Polish drone pilot

The following was shared on Instagram by Warsaw by Drone:

The heart rejoices, as you can see, such help among Poles for Ukraine, at such moments I am very proud that I live in a country like Poland ❤️❤️❤️

Today, with my kind friend Paweł Zapiek, we decided to “drone” to express our objection to what is happening beyond our eastern border, with the help of a large drone and a special lamp that Paweł prepared for the occasion, we made an illumination that was illuminated at the Belarusian embassy in Warsaw 💪 💪💪

As Russia keeps moving forward with its invasion, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has asked civilians with drones or drone-flying experience to contact the military to offer…