Hizbullah on Tuesday strongly denied a media report claiming that Israel had recently destroyed a drone depot belonging to the group.

“Hizbullah strongly denies the reports about a Zionist force entering into one of the resistance’s drone depots and destroying it,” the group said in a statement, describing the reports as totally baseless.

Hizbullah expert Qassem Qassir, who is close to the party, has claimed in a report published Tuesday on the Asas Media news website that Israeli commandos had recently “managed to infiltrate and destroy one of Hizbullah’s drone depots.”

“Hizbullah only discovered this operation after the commandos returned to where they came from,” Qassir quoted “sources informed on the Hizbullah-Mossad war” as saying.

“Hizbullah possesses accurate information about the enemy’s readiness to carry out other operations in Lebanon and Syria, with the aim of destroying the workshops where long-range missiles are being transformed into…


Source: www.naharnet.com